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​​​​NYS Early Intervention Center

The EIP is a statewide program that provides many different types of early intervention services to infants and toddlers with disabilities and their families. Their website includes a guide for parents, clinical practice guidelines, a checklist for signs that an infant or toddler might need extra help, NYS regulations, and much more.

Comprehensive Health Guide for Children

Drugwatch aims to inform parents about the different stages of growth for your little ones and what to expect during each year of their life. Complications, conditions and healthy aging can all be found in the guide as well as mental health, bullying, nutrition, sleeping and more. This educational guide covers in-depth topics concerning newborns to preteens.​​

Triad Nutrition and Fitness

Provides nutrition counseling, weight loss counseling and exercise prescription to families and individuals of all ages on Long Island’s North Shore. 

Nassau County Department of Social Services

NC DSS website includes a directory of services and contacts.  

US Department of State

The Department of State regulates Au Pair programs. Please review the link for regulations and related information.

*For a list of additional Health & Human Service Agencies on Long Island, please visit the United Way of Long Island.


Nutrition, Health & Safety Information

For more information:

(516) 674-3834


​​Centers for Disease Control and Prevention - "Protect the Ones You Love"

In an effort to raise parents' awareness about how to prevent the leading causes of child injury in the US, the CDC launched the "Protect the Ones You Love" initiative. This link will teach you how parents can play a life-saving role in protecting children form injuries. The site covers burns, falls, road traffic injuries, drowning, poisoning and sports injuries.

Child Health Plus

New York's health insurance plan for uninsured children up to 18 years old, regardless of income or minority status. Benefits include well child care, immunizations, treatment of illness or injury, prescription drugs, dental care and more. 

Docs For Tots

Docs for Tots focuses on very young children and their families. It was formed in recognition of the importance, obligation, potential impact, and yet, lack of adequate numbers of active doctor advocates for infants, toddlers, and preschoolers on the national, state and local levels.

Health & Welfare Council

HWCLI serves as an umbrella agency for public and voluntary agencies serving Long Island's poor and vulnerable. It provides consumer information and facilities for enrollment for Child Health Plus, Family Haelth Plus, SNAP benefits and post-9/11 services. 


A good resource for general information related to child health or for more specific guidance on parenting issues. 

Nutrition Resources

New York State Department of Health offers parents nutrition resources regarding dietary guidelines, guide to menu planning, preventing childhood obesity, tips for healthy cooking, feeding infants and much more.

Poison Help

Information about what you can do to prevent accidental poisoning. Program the Poison Help number into your cell phone - 1-800-222-1222

Up and Away and Out of Sight

To keep children safe through proper medicine storage, this program educates parents and caregivers by reminding them about safe storage, providing them with information and tools and encouraging them to take action. Up and Away and Out of Sight is part of the PROJECT Initiative, in partnership with the Center for Disease Control and Prevention, the Consumer Heath Products Association Educational Foundation, and the Health Resources and Services Administration.


NY-Alert is New York State's all hazard and notification system that allows individuals from the general public the option of choosing to receive automatic notifications in the case of statewide weather events, road closures in your area, missing persons reports, or other other emergency situations.


Karen's Castle Day School

Government Agencies